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This is a great place to start to have your home detail cleaned from top-to-bottom.

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The maintenance level package is perfect for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home cleaning service.

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Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

This is a great place to start to have your home detail cleaned from top-to-bottom.

Maid Services in Lakewood, IL

Maintenance Cleaning

The maintenance level package is perfect for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home cleaning service.

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We are a local, family owned, second-generation cleaning service with over 30 years specializing in home interiors. Abby Cleaning technicians apply their extensive training, and use of our effective, non-toxic products to make your home sparkle! Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, and our guarantee.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Maid Service

House Cleaning Services in Crystal Lake, IL

Up to 80 percent of Americans have areas within their home where they do not clean, according to the findings of a recent survey. It is highly likely that you also have spaces within your home that you struggle to organize or clean regularly, just like this group. It might be that you don’t have the time or necessary skills to effectively attend to these spaces.

Fortunately, you have the option of having all your house cleaning needs attended to by simply hiring a professional maid service. Every inch of your house will be left sparkling clean by these professionals.

When it comes to keep your home completely clean, you might not be sure whether a maid service is necessary. To help you make up your mind, here’s a list of 7 advantages of hiring a professional house cleaning service:

1. Save On Cleaning Time

All the time intensive house cleaning tasks will be taken care of by a professional maid service. While leaving you to direct all your attention to the stuff you consider to be important, these pros will handle all your laundry, vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing tasks.

Don’t want to spend your entire weekend cleaning up your home? These knowledgeable cleaners can handle all the work on your behalf. You can then spend all your free time to connect with those who are close to you.

A professional maid service can help you out, if you don’t want to pass up on the important things in life simply because you have to do some cleaning.

2. Save On Cleaning Costs

Hiring a professional maid service to handle your house cleaning tasks can actually help you save money. This is important to note, especially if you have been putting off this decision because you think it is going to be a costly endeavor.

You will no longer need to purchase any costly cleaning supplies, if you choose to work with a professional house cleaning services provider. All the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment will be provided by the company you end up working with. As such, you won’t need to stock up on such items.

To ensure that you can still conduct some minor cleaning tasks here and there, you will still need to maintain a few cleaning supplies. But, you don’t have to pack an entire cabinet full of such supplies.

Hiring a professional maid service will help you make significant savings, especially considering how expensive cleaning supplies can be.

3. Enjoy A Cleaner House At All Times

Even with your busy life, you can ensure that your home is clean at all times by hiring a professional maid service. By completely scrubbing and using disinfectant on each and every surface, a cleaning professional will deep clean your home.

Furthermore, expert cleaners will also be able to achieve better cleaning results than you can. Cleaning experts consider cleaning your house as a job, unlike you who sees it as just another chore to get done. Thus, they will not overlook any parts, cleaning the entire house thoroughly.

From underneath surfaces to ceiling fans, these experts will clean all areas completely. Such areas are likely to have built up a layer of dirt simply because they are easily ignored by house owners/occupants. House cleaning experts will be able to clean all these surfaces.

4. Create A Healthier Space

Germs and bacteria are likely to be dragged into your home by family members and friends that regularly enter and exit your home. Any airborne pathogens will be removed from your home as a professional cleaner disinfects and cleans various surfaces.

By ensuring that your home is thoroughly clean, a cleaning expert will keep your home from becoming a hazard to your health. These experts will keep your home free of any hazardous dust by cleaning every nook and cranny. This will resultantly improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory problems.

You can also avoid the cost of dealing with food related illnesses and pest infestations by hiring a professional house cleaner. Your food and pets may be infested with flies, cockroaches and ants, if your home is dirty.

You can prevent your home from being a haven for such pests and pathogens with a professional house cleaning service. Furthermore, by making sure that your home is clean and organized your mental wellbeing will be safeguarded by these cleaning experts.

5. Better Care Of Your Household Belongings

When it comes to cleaning furniture, appliances and other items/surfaces, cleaning experts know which cleaning products to use. Unlike you, they are unlikely to use one cleaning product on all surfaces. As such, your belongings are likely to be left clean, free of any unsightly scratches or marks.

Your appliances will also receive the best care from professional cleaners. By keeping your appliances clean, you can extend their life.

It can take a lot of time, effort and skill to properly clean various appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. Fortunately, you can have all these appliances cleaned properly and swiftly, by having them cleaned by the best cleaning services providers on a bi-monthly schedule. To extend the life of such appliances these cleaning experts have all the necessary tips and tricks.

6. Eliminate Odors And Stains Associated With Pets .

Unsightly spots and some bad odors can be left around your home by your beloved pets. To effectively deal with any sort of mess left behind by pets, cleaning experts normally have all the necessary cleaning chemicals, degreasers and deodorizers. Furthermore, these experts have the knowledge needed to deal with any odors associated with pets.

You can prevent bad odors from becoming a mainstay in your home by hiring the services of seasoned house cleaning experts. With it, you can avoid any situation where smelly cat litter starts to affect the comfort of your guests.

7. Efficient Cleaning Processes

You are less likely to follow a meticulous and efficient process when cleaning your home. You are likely to end up doing more with a haphazard cleaning approach – where you are randomly moving from one corner of the house to the next. You might even end up missing some areas in the worst case scenario.

Cleaning experts use a methodical approach, following a proven process/system. Without covering any space twice, cleaning pros will be guided by a carefully compiled checklist. This approach crates cost and time efficiencies.

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You can reap all of the above advantages by hiring a professional maid service. With these pros helping you out, you will be able to strike a balance between keeping your home clean and completing other tasks in your busy schedule.

At Abby Cleaning Service, we have what it takes to keep your home clean and hygienic, if you are wondering where there is a cleaning service near me. To start enjoying the many advantages of working with a professional maid service, reach out to us today!

A little about Crystal Lake, IL.

Crystal Lake, Illinois has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. The area was first settled in the 1830s by pioneers from New York and New England, who were drawn to the region’s natural beauty and abundant resources. The town of Crystal Lake was officially established in 1874, taking its name from the picturesque lake that sits at its center. In the years that followed, Crystal Lake became a popular destination for summer vacationers, who were attracted to the area’s clear waters and scenic surroundings.

Throughout the 20th century, Crystal Lake continued to grow and evolve, with the construction of new residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and public facilities. The town was home to several industries, including manufacturing, farming, and quarrying.

One of the most notable landmarks in Crystal Lake is the Raue Center for the Arts, which was originally built in 1929 as a vaudeville theater. The theater has undergone several renovations over the years, and today hosts a wide range of cultural events, including concerts, plays, and film screenings.

In recent years, Crystal Lake has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Illinois, with a thriving economy, strong schools, and a vibrant community. Despite its growth, however, the town has managed to preserve much of its historic character, with many of its original buildings and landmarks still standing as a testament to its rich past.

Proudly serving Crystal Lake, IL and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 60012, 60014, 60098, 60156.

What to do and know.

  1. The Three Oaks Recreation Area is a 500-acre park that offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and camping. The park also features a beach, playgrounds, and picnic areas, making it a great destination for families.
  2. The Colonel Palmer House is a historic home that was built in 1858 by local businessman and politician, Colonel Gustavus Palmer. Today, the house is open to the public for tours, offering a glimpse into what life was like in the early days of Crystal Lake.
  3. The Crystal Lake Brewing Company is a local brewery that offers a wide range of craft beers, as well as a full menu of pub-style food. The brewery also hosts a variety of events and live music performances.
  4. Lippold Park is a 310-acre park that features a variety of recreational facilities, including athletic fields, a skate park, and a disc golf course. The park also has a large lake, making it a great destination for fishing and boating.
  5. The Raue Center for the Arts is a historic theater that hosts a wide range of cultural events, including concerts, plays, and film screenings. The theater has a rich history, having originally been built in 1929 as a vaudeville theater.

Whether you’re interested in outdoor recreation, history, or local food and drink, Crystal Lake has something to offer. Visitors to this charming town are sure to be enchanted by its small-town charm and natural beauty.

Providing Clean Homes for Cancer Patients

Abby Cleaning is a proud partner with Cleaning for a Reason, an International non-profit that offers free home cleaning service to cancer patients. We are committed to helping our local community by offering help with house cleaning to those who need it most.

Contact us for more information about this wonderful program through Cleaning for a Reason.