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Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

This is a great place to start to have your home detail cleaned from top-to-bottom.

Maid Services in Lakewood, IL

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The maintenance level package is perfect for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home cleaning service.

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Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

This is a great place to start to have your home detail cleaned from top-to-bottom.

Maid Services in Lakewood, IL

Maintenance Cleaning

The maintenance level package is perfect for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home cleaning service.

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We recommend our non-toxic and effective, tried-and-true cleaning supplies to ensure a happy and healthy home.

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We are a local, family owned, second-generation cleaning service with over 30 years specializing in home interiors. Abby Cleaning technicians apply their extensive training, and use of our effective, non-toxic products to make your home sparkle! Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, and our guarantee.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Company

House Cleaning Services in Huntley, ILAccording to a recent study, over 33% of people believe their homes are not cleaned nearly as often or as thoroughly as they should be. The same survey found that one out of every four people doubt they have the capacity or training to perform this important task.

As time goes on, people get busier and busier. The demanding modern lifestyle requires every minute to be spent on professional, social, and personal obligations and domestic tasks may get sidelined for more pressing demands. This means that the conditions of the home can deteriorate considerably before anyone has the time to address them.

If you have found yourself in the kind of situation mentioned here, don’t panic. This is a good time to hire a professional cleaning company that can handle this important aspect of home care and maintenance.

There are many benefits to having your home cleaned by professionals. Whether you choose to call in trained cleaning technicians weekly or monthly, the benefits they provide can improve your home life.

Here are some of the most important benefits of calling in a professional cleaning service.

You Have More Time to Spend With Your Family

If you have a home with children, you will certainly notice the interior conditions deteriorate much faster. On top of this, the lives of parents are especially hectic, there are errands to run, homes to manage, and then professional responsibilities that can make cleaning the home almost impossible — and the kids are going to need some materials and help with their homework.

By the time you have the kiddos fed, read, and in bed. The house needs to be cleaned again. Maybe if you just shove the mess into closets and cupboards, you will have time for some social fun and relaxation before you have to call it a night — and tomorrow is Monday!

This is a scenario all too familiar to most modern time-pressed parents, but it is not a life sentence. If you are interested in taking better advantage of your time but are reluctant to live in a disaster, professional cleaning services are the solution for you.

This is because you will save all that time and mental frustration by having your home cleaned by a professional. This will allow you to focus time and effort where it will be most beneficial to you. You can spend more time with the kids, your significant other, or even just enjoy a cup of tea and a good book.

Decluttering Will Be Easier

One of the most daunting tasks you will face is decluttering. Decluttering is such an onerous task that it always makes the very bottom of any home cleaning checklist. With a host of other tasks taking priority, like dishes, laundry, and bathrooms, decluttering is often relegated to last place until it reaches critical mass and can no longer be ignored.

But if you eliminate all the tough and time-consuming tasks from the equation, the task of decluttering is suddenly so much easier. A cleaner environment makes clutter more obvious and easier to address. What seems like a full day of work, may just take about half an hour without all the rest of the cleaning.

There will be no need to sweep, mop, dust, or vacuum. This allows you to focus your full attention on the task of decluttering your home.

Professional Cleaners Are Efficient and Simply Do a Better Job

Have you noticed by the time you decide to clean your home, that the task of a couple of hours now requires a full day to address properly and in good order? With such a wide range of things to be cleaned and a slew of individual tasks to address each one fully, it seems no progress is made despite your most intense efforts and massive determination — and “no” the kids don’t want to help!

The professional cleaners can arrive on a regular schedule that will keep your home at a high standard of cleanliness and organization at all times. The value in stress relief itself is through the roof.

Professional cleaners do this thing for a living and have a passion for leaving your home immaculate in record time. A professional cleaner will arrive with a checklist of important tasks that must be done and they will have their process down to a fine science. Your home will be a cheery haven of cleanliness and you will have the time and relaxation level to enjoy it.

Professional Cleaners Can Prevent Mold Growth

When the home’s cleanliness and hygiene standards drop, it makes it much easier for smaller issues to go unnoticed and this can result in an array of conditions that can damage the home and its equity. One of the most damaging results of a lack of regular cleaning is mold damage.

Molds are a simple life form that break down materials and make way for more complex plant growth. They reproduce by producing billowing clouds of microscopic invisible spores that are scattered far and wide and need a small amount of moisture — and sometimes — to sprout. Then, they can become a serious hazard to your health and home.

Professional cleaning technicians have the tools and cleaning techniques to avoid this issue and leave your home free of molds and their destruction.

Superior Cleaning Equipment & Products

Keeping a home clean is not a cheap task, especially considering the assortment of cleaning products, tools, and agents that are used to keep a home clean. Different areas of the home will have different needs, techniques, and tools, and out cleaning, professionals have the skills to know exactly what to apply in each location and in what quantities.

There is a proper tool and cleaning agent for every task. When tools and agents are applied properly, the surfaces being cleaned are preserved and a small quantity of cleaning agents is needed to accomplish a lot. A cleaning company also has access to superior cleaning products that are biodegradable and leave no residue.

It Helps You Reduce Stress

If you have ever walked into a messy environment, you know how stressful this can be for the mind and spirit. It is hard to even think clearly when your living environment is untidy.

Stress and anxiety are the plagues of the modern age, but like every plague, there is a relief. Keeping your home clean and organized places a high standard on your home life which is important to building resistance to mental disruption.

Providing Clean Homes for Cancer Patients

Abby Cleaning is a proud partner with Cleaning for a Reason, an International non-profit that offers free home cleaning service to cancer patients. We are committed to helping our local community by offering help with house cleaning to those who need it most.

Contact us for more information about this wonderful program through Cleaning for a Reason.