Getting Rid of Clutter

Clutter in your home can affect your mood and overall quality of life. Rooms that are overtaken with clutter go unused and avoided. Declutter and reclaim your home using our helpful guide.

Different Types of Clutter

Paper Clutter: Can include things like mail, receipts, old newspapers or magazines, bills to be paid, kids school work, coupons, etc.. A small filing cabinet is a great way to keep your necessary paperwork. These could include paid household bills and receipts for larger purchases, taxes, etc. All non-necessary papers should be recycled or shredded if they contain personal information.

Clothing and Shoes: The rule is if you haven’t worn it in a year than get rid of it. Gently used clothing and shoes can be donated. Old, worn out or stained clothing should be tossed.

Books: Donate books that you will not read again. Check with your local library and used book stores to see if they accept donations.

Kitchen Clutter: Many times we have two or three of the same gadget, pan or utensil in our kitchens. Do you really need all the duplicates? Donate the ones you don’t need. Use decorative utensil holders to add style and organization to your kitchen. A tray can be used to group items and keep counters clean, like the one shown here. Drawer organizers will allow you to find items quickly.

Benefits of Decluttering

  • It is better for your overall health to be organized because it creates less stress in your life.
  • Save time – When items are easily found, you save time.
  • Enjoy a new appreciation for the things you have in your home as they will be chosen and purposeful.

Get Started

The 3 Bin Method:

Grab 3 large bins.  These can be boxes or laundry baskets or whatever you have on hand. Mark each with one of the following labels.

  1. Toss
  2. Donate
  3. Keep

When sorting through clutter, determine how frequently you use the item. This will serve as a guide for where you place it in your home. For example, if you use something every week, it should have a home in your daily living space.

After your initial sorting process, review what you have placed in the Keep pile if the pile seems excessive. Sometimes when you give an item a second look you realize that you don’t need it after all.

Display mementos sparingly, rather than entire collection of items from a certain event.

Tackle one room at a time. Start with a bookshelf or counter space. Enjoy your accomplishment and keep decluttering!

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