5 Common Deep Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In Illinois, over one million people have asthma.

Asthma attacks, like those for allergies, can occur due to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). After all, poor IAQ often indicates that the air is full of allergens like dust, dust mites, and molds. Even worse, it can affect people without asthma or allergies.

Fortunately, deep cleaning your home can help lower your risks of such health woes. However, to do it right, you must also learn about the common deep cleaning mistakes to avoid.

We’ve discussed what those blunders are below, so please keep reading.

1. Not Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Each year, U.S. poison centers get millions of calls about human chemical exposures. In 2021 alone, they responded to over 2.08 million cases. Household cleaning substances, in turn, accounted for about 7.5% of those exposures.

Exposure to cleaning supplies can contribute to respiratory and skin problems. It can also cause injuries, headaches, allergic reactions, and even altered mental states.

So, please ensure your deep cleaning supplies always include PPE. At the very least, you should wear goggles, face masks, and rubber gloves. Doing so can help protect you from chemical exposures and injuries.

2. Relying Too Much on Commercial Cleaners

To lower your risks of chemical hazards further, switch to non-toxic cleaning products. Unlike commercial cleaners, they don’t contain dangerous stuff like ammonia or formaldehyde. They’re also biodegradable and free of caustic chemicals.

You can also incorporate natural cleaners in your deep cleaning process. These include baking soda, vinegar, and salt.

3. Failing to Eliminate Clutter

One of the top benefits of deep cleaning your home is improving IAQ. However, to reap this benefit, you must remove clutter first. That’s because they’re massive dust collectors and can harbor molds and even pests.

At the very least, clutter hinders cleaning because it’s an obstruction. So, unless you eliminate it, you’ll never be able to give your home a deep clean.

4. Disinfecting Without Cleaning

If you must use disinfectants, please clean the surface you want to disinfect first. Don’t disinfect without cleaning, as contaminants may impair a disinfectant’s properties. Also, please follow the product’s instructions for use, especially its dwell time.

5. Forgetting About Gravity

If you witness professional house cleaners at work, you’ll see they always start from the top. For instance, they may begin by dusting light bulbs, ceiling vents, and the top corners of a room. Then, they work their way down, cleaning walls, windows, and table surfaces.

The final step is sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors.

On the other hand, you’ll never see house cleaning service experts start from the ground up. After all, they know that in doing so, everything they’ve cleaned will become dirty again.

So, always follow the golden rule of cleaning from top to bottom, side by side.

Avoid These Common Deep Cleaning Mistakes

From not wearing PPE to cleaning from the ground up, these are common deep cleaning mistakes to avoid. By steering clear of these blunders, you can give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves. That, in turn, can boost your home’s IAQ, letting you enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

If you don’t have time for deep cleaning, our team here at Abby Cleaning Service is ready to help. Our professional home cleaners proudly serve McHenry County, IL. Call us now for your free quote!

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