The Complete Guide to Cleaning Home Offices for Beginners

Did you know that as of 2022, an estimated 58% of Americans work from home at least once a week? Over a third even say their entire work week consists of working right from the comfort of their homes.

If you’re one of those folks, you likely have built a home office setup. That’s great, but because it’s at home, it’s your job to ensure it remains clean and organized.

Fortunately, cleaning home offices doesn’t always have to be a back-breaking chore. We’ll teach you how to clean yours efficiently in this guide, so please read on.

Organizing Home Offices Starts With Decluttering

Clutter is one of the last things you want in your home office because it can impair your focus. It can even increase stress levels and raise the odds of procrastination. All these consequences can affect your workflow, reducing your productivity.

That makes decluttering a top priority when organizing and cleaning home office desks.

Start by removing anything unneeded from your workspace, such as old documents. Then, toss these in your paper shredder to avoid becoming an identity theft victim.

Next, place items you no longer use but can donate in a container (e.g., books, magazines, and old but working gadgets). You can give them to donation centers such as The Salvation Army and Sparrow’s Nest in McHenry County.

Clear the Area for Cleaning

At this point, your home office space should only contain items and gadgets needed for work. So the next step is to transfer stuff you have on surfaces like your desktop onto another location. Doing so allows you to clean every inch of your home office thoroughly.

Gather Cleaning Essentials in a Caddy

To be efficient, gather home office cleaning equipment, supplies, and tools in one spot. That way, you don’t have to keep running from one end of your home to the other during the cleaning process.

Placing smaller cleaning supplies and tools in a caddy is another time-saving strategy. These include rubber gloves, towels, rags, non-toxic cleaning solutions, and trash bags.

Don’t forget to safeguard yourself with a face mask and a pair of goggles. They can protect you from fumes and injury-causing debris. Goggles, in particular, can help prevent the millions of eye injuries sustained in the U.S. yearly.

Always Start From the Top

Don’t let gravity give you more cleaning work. Instead, clean your home office from top to bottom.

Here’s an example of a cleaning workflow you can follow:

  1. Dusting ceiling fans, vents, and light bulbs/fixtures
  2. Cleaning home office windows and their covers (e.g., blinds)
  3. Cleaning work surfaces and then disinfecting them
  4. Wiping and disinfecting gadgets like computers and phones
  5. Sweeping and mopping floors or vacuuming carpets
  6. Emptying trash bins and replacing them with new bags

Once you’ve finished those steps, you can then re-organize your stuff on your desk.

Follow These Tips for Cleaning Home Offices

Organizing and cleaning home offices can help maintain and even improve productivity. It can also boost indoor air quality, which, in turn, is essential for home health and safety.

So, follow our actionable tips and start cleaning your home workspace as early as today.

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